Anti Slip Treatment Solutions

Chemical Anti- Slip Treatment

Gripsafe’s unique anti-slip tile treatment is the solution to wet and slippery ceramic, porcelain, and masonry tiles.

Our treatment is not a coating and will not peel off. A passive change is chemically created on the tile surface using a 3-part system which is applied and wiped off allowing the floor to be walked on immediately after application, so there is minimal downtime and disruption.

Mechanical Anti-Slip System

The ANTIKE diamond brush system is the newest way of slip resistant treatment.

Perfectly suited for wet external areas that require a low slip rating to comply with the Australian Standards AS4586 and the Australian Building Code.

The diamond brushes fitted to a specialised planetary head machine mechanically grind out the surface leaving microscopic undulations in the tile that creates a significant slip resistance.

Prevent Slip Fall Accidents

How much slip resistance do you want for your floors?

P5 External ramps, Loading docs, swimming pool ramps and Stairs

P4 External colonnade and walkway, Pedestrian crossings, driveways, Verandahs, Balconies, cold stores, Swimming pool surrounds

P3 Shopping centre, fresh food areas, Entries & access areas, Bathrooms and toilets in hospitals and aged care facilities

P2 Entries & access areas, Hotel bathrooms, ensuites & toilets, Hotel kitchens & laundries, Wards & corridors in hospitals

P1 Entries & access areas – Public buildings, Dry supermarket aisles

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